Pre-production: Technical

Once a concept has been decided on, we’ll delve into the technical details for your video. First up are some of the creative elements which may include scripting, writing, interview questions, storyboard and shot lists. These elements will often overlap with the planning phase of the production timeline. Next we’ll schedule and plan the shoot.

Next we’ll schedule and plan the shoot. If we need to shoot interviews, here’s where we’ll decide who, when, and where. Are actors needed to be in dramatizations or act as hosts? If so, we’ll hold auditions and cast the video. Do we need a drone shot of a fleet of trucks driving down the highway? We’ll find the best place to shoot that, have you contact your drivers and see when the trucks will be available.

As we go through this process we’ll make a shooting schedule that may be general in nature, laid out simply by day and start time, or it may be as detailed as scheduling time frames for each individual shot. What the shooting schedule looks like will be based on how complex the shooting is. Don’t worry, this process doesn’t have to be done all at once. Often, we’ll schedule and shoot one location, actor, or interview while the scheduling process for other locations is still in the works.