Internal Communications

Internal Communications

Engaging Your Team Through Video

There are any number of reasons you might need an internal communications video, from employee training and engagement, to reputation management and recruitment. We’ve all seen corporate training or communications videos that would put even the most caffeinated among us to sleep. We are committed to making your internal-use videos ENGAGING, whether it’s a large scale production, or a simple teleprompted message from the CEO. After all, what use is your video if no one is awake to watch it!

Employee Training

Video is the most effective way for new employees to learn the ins and outs of your corporate practices, and for existing employees to learn new skills and processes when in-person individual training isn’t a realistic option. When implementing new corporate procedures across the board, developing a video that effectively communicates the how and why of these procedures can save time, effort and money.


It’s been known for quite a while that employees who feel that their work matters and who understand what the company that they work for is all about are more productive and happier. Video can show the inner workings and philosophy of your company to your employees in a way that will connect with them and make them feel connected to you.