Needs Assessment

Deep Dive

Often times you know exactly what you want a video to do for you, sometimes you just know you need a video but have no clear idea of how video can help. We can help you in either case. Instead of a one-size-fits all solution, you need someone who understands that your corporate videos should be unique and customized to your industry and your individual corporate identity.

The first stage of the video making process starts before we even sign a contract. We want to sit down with you and hear your story from your point of view. We’ll ask you about your overall corporate identity and culture, as well as specific needs and goals you have for the videos you want to produce. At AudioVision Productions we pride ourselves on being open and flexible, and we hope that you are too. That way we can put aside preconceived notions about what the video will look like before we even know what you want it to do for you, and arrive at the best solution together.